34 for 40 Trans Americas Motorcycle World Record Attempt - Benefitting the Pat Tillman Foundation
My name is David Gerulski – I embrace this journey to break the world record to generate awareness and $1,000,000 in donations for the Pat Tillman Foundation.
I was fortunate to know Pat through my young nephew growing up in California – Pat was as inspiring as a young man as he was as an adult.
His tenacity, intellect, dedication, and drive were unparalleled. These attributes drove me to challenge myself. The Pat Tillman Foundation is built to help young adults develop these same attributes and challenge themselves to help others.
Although midlife crises are cliché, I found myself facing the same dillemas many people my age do. When Pat reflected on the events of September 11th, he said, “At times like this you stop and think about just how good we have it, what kind of system we live in, and the freedoms we are allowed. A lot of my family has gone and fought in wars and I really haven’t done a damn thing.” These words resonated in my mind.
Coming up with this idea gave me something “I could do.” Pat was all about taking action for what you believe in. This is my opportunity to do, “A damn thing.”

The Pat Tillman Foundation
Leadership Through Action™ Program
Understanding Leadership Through Action Download Quicktime Video Download Windows Media Player Video The Pat Tillman Foundation seeks to carry forward Pat’s legacy by inspiring and supporting young people striving to promote positive change in themselves and the world around them.
To achieve this mission, the foundation created the Leadership Through Action Program. Inspired by Pat’s passion, the Leadership Through Action program enhances young people’s leadership skills, helps them use their skills to develop solutions to today’s problems, and ultimately funds those projects that have merit. Further, the program creates a forum and a network for current leaders to give back and help shape the leaders of tomorrow.
The Pat Tillman Foundation plans to accomplish its mission through its core initiative: the Leadership Through Action program. The program’s goal is to develop the leaders of our future – inspiring and supporting them as they tackle real world societal problems.
The Leadership Through Action program builds on the notion that true leaders of positive change are leaders on multiple levels. Based on the firm command of self, one can become a leader at home, in surrounding communities and at the national and international levels.
The Leadership Through Action program provides guidance tools necessary for college students to uncover their passions, identify matching societal challenges, develop and test solutions, and ultimately implement them.
The Foundation launched its initial endeavor with Arizona State University, building a successful leadership curriculum and providing a strong base to build the Leadership Through Action program. The Foundation is still evaluating various models to facilitate future growth, expansion, and the development of additional programs reaching beyond the realm of higher education.
In addition to leveraging a proven model and academic expertise, the involvement of current community and business leaders will be essential to the success of the program. We envision a close working relationship between students, professors, and community and business leaders. These community and business leaders will serve both as mentors to students and their projects, as well as guest lecturers for specific curriculum content within their strata of expertise.
Through the connections built during program sessions between today’s leaders and the leaders of our future, Leadership Through Action will promote the creation of a strong network of social leaders. These connections will accelerate the rate of positive change while furthering the effectiveness of each student-led initiative.
The most viable projects will be funded by the Pat Tillman Foundation directly or through financial support from the Foundation’s network of philanthropic supporters. We believe that the concept of Leadership Through Action is a true reflection of how Pat lived his life. The Leadership Through Action program:
  • Inspires understanding of personal convictions and passion
  • Promotes awareness and understanding of a broad range of societal issues
  • Equips with the skills essential to leading positive change
  • Connects students with community and business leaders to build lasting networks
  • Provides financial backing necessary to establish sustainable initiatives
The Pat Tillman Foundation is passionate about enabling positive change and the development of our future’s leaders through its Leadership Through Action program.
Pat’s friends and family firmly believe that Leadership Through Action is a true reflection of how Pat lived his life. You can help carry forward Pat’s legacy and drive positive change in our communities by:
  • Applying to become a Pat Tillman Scholar (ASU students)
  • Volunteering for LTA student projects (check Volunteer in our contact form)
  • Mentoring – The LTA program is looking for distinguished business and community leaders to help guide the Pat Tillman Scholars in pursuit of their passions
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