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Tracking the Team With the Friends of 34 for 40
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September 28, 2006
Ushuaia, Argentina
4:20 P.M. Eastern Time
Day 28 - Dave has arrived in Ushuaia, and has had his first of two witnesses sign off on 4:20 P.M. Eastern Time.
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 28, 2006
75 miles from Ushuaia, Argentina
3:18 P.M. EDT
Day 28 - Another call just now...
75 miles out (which puts him 20 miles until that big lake -- see Google Earth) and 50 miles until the last mountain pass.
No sensor or other bike gremlins for the last 50 miles.
Not using heated vest or heated gloves/hand grips (whichever it is) for fear of electrical gremlins.
He asked me what to do when he got there to make it "official". I told him that the GlobeBusters team (not-for-much-longer record holders) took a photo by the town sign and had the police and tourist info folks sign / witness their log book. He said "OK that's what I'll do!", and was off!
Hopefully between one and two hours from now he'll call one of us from Ushuaia with a timestamped witnessed log book entry!
[-Thanks Jeff!]

September 28, 2006
San Sebastien, Argentina
1:00 P.M. EDT
Day 28 - Dave just called into Tony, and Tony asked me to submit the report:
Dave's either in or just short of San Sebastien, Argentina (post-ferry, post-borders, either post- or mid-dirt).
There's been some confusion this morning with the number of border crossings. There's one 1/2 hour before the ferry and one an hour or two after. We think he's either in past all the borders in San Sebastien (although he said there's one more border) or on the last half of the last border crossing (I think each crossing involves dealing with both countries, first one then the other), 7 miles short of the town.
He's on the 80-mile dirt stretch now, but he reports that it's the best road he's been on in the last 300 miles! He's either coming to the end of the dirt segment now, or it may continue along the coast to Rio Grande -- another 50 miles.
52 degrees and drizzling in Ushuaia. Looks like poor weather but not *Bad* weather. The mountain pass isn't too high.
Net: 2pm local time there [EST not EDT], he's got 5 1/2 hours before sunset and only 175-180 miles left, including maybe some good dirt roads and one 1500ft mountain pass just before Ushuaia. Logistics of borders and ferry are behind. Sensor hanging in there with much TLC. So close!!!
[-Thanks Jeff and Tony!]

September 28, 2006
On the Ferry
10:30 A.M. EDT
Day 28 - He has crossed 2 boarders already this morning, and has made the second ferry of the day.
Again today, he has been hampered by the sensor issue twice in 50 miles. Mission Control received some additional information about how we might disable the sensor all together. We talked with Atlanta BMW Bob, and got the real inside scoop. While on the Ferry, Dave is trying to contact BMW Bob to get the step by step process.
Keep it going!
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 27, 2006
Rio Gallegos, Argentina
10:05 P.M. EST
Day 27 - Just talked to Dave. Dan called as we were on the phone, so I conferenced the lines. We have our Boy all set. We were able to get Mad Max to hang it up for the night. Dan gave him the name of a hotel with Internet access in Rio Gallegos. So we might get the great story teller to give us the recap of his near miss with a Llama of all things. "Do they have Llamas down her?" To which Dan replied, "Yup!" Another great story in the making.
Stay tuned!
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 27, 2006
Rio Santa Cruz, Argentina
7:15 P.M. EST
Day 27 - Dave just called at 7:15pm EST. He was on the side of the road just a little south of the Rio Santa Cruz river. He will make it to Rio Gallegos, but wants to go as far as possible today to make it as short as possible for tomorrow. I checked the map and told him he was about 125 miles from Rio Gallegos.
Specific note to Jeff and Tony. He will be calling Tony in about 50 minutes. He wants to know what is going to come first, the border crossing or the ferry crossing. He is trying to figure out how far he can go tonight and where to stay.
His funny story for the day. He said he was riding along a very straight road at about 70 mph when he comes to a curve. As he goes around this curve he looks over to his right and sees this huge furry animal running right next to him at his exact same speed. All of a sudden it decides to cross the road right in front of him. He dodges the beast and continues on, laughing his ass off with his blood pressure rising over 200. We are guessing the beast was a llama.
Dave is going to have stories to last him a lifetime.
Go Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 26, 2006
Tecka, Chubut Province, Argentina
10:13 P.M. EST
Day 26 - Just talked to Hannibal, who crossed the mountains this morning in freezing temperatures in the rain, uphill both ways, through mounds of snow.
He is in the only hotel in Tecka, and turning in for the night.
Go Dave!!!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 26, 2006
2:54 P.M. EST
Day 26 - Well ladies and gents...
Time to cross your fingers. Our Southern Boy is about to revisit the Midwest with mountains. SNOW!
Not to alarm anyone, but here's where his younger years and experience with Illinois weather is going to get him to the finish line. It's been snowing in the area Dave's headed into for 3 days. Good news is that the conditions are already difficult, so he should be able to identify how far he wants to go.
Our regional experts are confident that the pass that David will be using is heavily patrolled, and plowed frequently because it is Chile's entrance to the Patagonia and a trade route.
So bust out your warm hearts and send him some heat because he's going to need it! Good news is that he has the right gear for this. I sent him my heated vest, which is electric and warm as all get up. He has heated grips on the bike which to the bare hand would cause burns. Yes Dave said his hands were cold before, but I can attest that when the little piggies are stick out ever so slightly they get cold. Other than that, his pants and jacket are made of Ballistic nylon and are wind and water proof.
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 26, 2006
1:14 P.M. EST
Day 26 - Position report: Dave has just crossed into Argentina for the first of his two crossings. He's back down in altitude at this point on the pass to somewhere around 5,000 feet.
He is in/near Torencorentoso, he had to spell that 5 times for me, so it should be correct. With a target of Esque. I can't report how far that is yet to go, but I'm sure our Director of Directions, Jeff can chime in with that info.
Dave is sounding pretty down. He said the cold weather, Quote "Really Sucks!" End Quote. It's been the surprise of the ride. He said it's about 40 degrees standing, but when underway and it's raining it really cuts like a knife. I asked how he was dress and if he was warm enough equipment wise. He said his heated vest was doing the job, and that he had several layers on in addition, all the way down to the two pairs of socks. I gave him the pep talk and told him it was almost over.
He is crossing his fingers that the problematic sensor doesn't fail completely. There isn't another one on the continent. If it should go completely, this expedition is over.
If you talk to him, give him the pump he needs. Quote some great leader about taking some hill swarming with the enemy. And how it's his time to stake HIS flag at the top!
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 26, 2006
Osorno, Chile
8:22 A.M. EST
Day 26 - Just talked to Dave. He is in Osorno, Chile.
He will be meeting up with the group from MotoAdventura in a few minutes. Apparently something on the bike isn't quite right, but they have a repair facility that rents FS 650 bikes, and they have mechanics available.
He is still devouring the Chilean desert miles.
34 for 40... Stay on board!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 25, 2006
Leaving Santiago, Chile
5:50 P.M. EST
Day 25 - Dave just reported in. He is in the Eastern Time zone now and thinks he will remain in this time zone for the remainder of his ride. He was just leaving Santiago, about 5 hours later than what he was expecting. The BMW shop was unable to do everything he wanted, but he thinks the bike will be just fine for the rest of the ride. He didnít get a valve job nor bearings replaced in his front forks.
He got a good nights rest and is ready to give it his all. He wants to get to Osorno tonight (400 miles away), but you could hear in his voice that he knows he canít. The satellite phone continues to only work when he stops to call.
I told him EVERYONE is cheering for him and knows that he is going to just crush the record. That brightened his voice and he took off.
Gooooooooo Dave!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 25, 2006
Santiago, Chile
9:54 A.M. EST
Day 25 - Dave is in Santiago de Chile, at the BMW dealership.
He is getting the final maintenance work to the ISS / Kaneva bike, including a new chain, oil change, tire checks, fuel filter, and alignment of the handle bars.
Spirits are good, despite the wrenches not turning fast enough.
From here on, it is a final kick to Ushuaia.
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 24, 2006
Santiago, Chile
6:15 P.M. EST
Day 24 - Dave has made it to Santiago de Chile.
He was folowing a cab driver to the BMW dealership, and looking for a hotel near there.
Spirits are good, and he is looking forwad to a good night's rest tonight before the final push.
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 22, 2006
Camana, Peru
10:59 P.M. EST
Day 22 - Report from Wandering Dave:
He has put in 653 miles so far, and he is in a town called Camana, Peru (16D, 39' 07" S / 73D 24' 04" W)
He had a radiator leak earlier, which took a little while to get fixed, but he has the problem taken care of.
He will continue to ride for a while longer tonight, hoping to get to El Alto or a little beyond.
Go Dave!!!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 22, 2006
A windy desert, Peru
5:02 P.M. EST
Day 22 - Dave just called me...
He's good. Riding through the desert today and probably tomorrow. He said he had 1000 miles to ride in the desert. I don't know how much of that he has done.
As we were talking he noticed he had a radiator leak. Not at good thing in the desert. Not to worry yet, he was looking at it as we were on the phone, and he thinks it is coming from a hose that he can tighten the clamp on. He also is traveling with stop leak if it really is in the radiator itself. And he has water.
Anyway, he's still at it!
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 22, 2006
Chincha Alta, Peru
11:42 A.M. EST
Day 22 - Dave just stopped for gas in a town called Chincha Alta, Peru. He is south of Lima and hopes to make Chile by tonight. He has gone about 245 miles so far this morning. He and the bike have been running very well through the desert. He said he even got rained on in the desert and then he laughed.
Right now the road is good and straight. He is running along the Pacific Ocean and he can see it off his right side as he rides.
This is all the info we got because he wanted to get going again, but wanted to check in so everyone would be able to get an update.
Goooooo Dave!!!!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 22, 2006
South of Lima, Peru
9:28 A.M. EST
Day 22 - Dave just called and he is south of Lima, Peru. He spent last night in Barranca, Peru, where he enjoyed a very nice hotel for $8. This was after riding 607 miles through nothing but desert. This morning's breakfast is a sandwich from a refrigerator in a gas station, a can of Pringles (not a sponsor) and a can of Red Bull (not a sponsor).
He managed to be in Lima in rush hour and has a new appreciation for Atlanta traffic. He would like everyone to know that until you travel to some of these places in South America you can't imagine what traffic really is!

September 21, 2006
Barranca, Peru
8:12 P.M. EST
Day 21 - Just had a conversation with Dave. He is in for the night in a town called Barranca, Peru. (10 D, 44' 01" S, 77 D. 46' 07" W)
He put in over 600 miles today, and said the bike is running like a champ.
All the hard mechanic work, performed in stages, from Panama, through Bogota, La Dorada, Buga, Popayan, and into Quito, has borne fruit.
He has roughly 1,000 miles left of Peru, and then Chile and Argentina are all that is left to go (not like either of those is a small country).
34 for 40.... Stay on board!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 20, 2006
La Troncal, Ecuador
12:30 P.M. CST
Day 20 - Dave just checked in and he is surrounded by banana trees. Thousands of acres of banana trees. Things are a little warmer now after "freezing" temperatures during the first two hours of today's ride.
It is a slow day so far. Dave has only made about 250 miles in 7 hours, but he still feels that the border to Peru is very doable.

September 20, 2006
Ambato, Ecuador
8:30 A.M. CST
Day 20 - Dave spent the night in Quito. Luis Alvarez at BMW helped him out with new brakes and other little stuff. He was back on the road this morning at 5:30 A.M. on his way to Peru.

September 19, 2006
Quito, Ecuador
10:20 P.M. EST
Day 19 - Dave reported in to tell us about his day. He made it to Quito and got his bike repaired. He met the BMW dealership owner, who stayed open late to accommodate him. He said this BMW dealership, the one in BogotŠ (and all the others) have treated him royally. He was getting ready to go to dinner with Victor, the mechanic, who repaired his bike.
His bike got new brake pads and the brakes themselves fixed. He also got the speedometer fixed and several minor things including some spokes. Now he will know how far and how fast he is going.
He is planning on another good meal and good night of rest. The way he talked, tomorrow, he is going to try and put more distance between him and the existing record holders. He will have a fresh bike and be well feed and rested.
He tried to get on the Internet, but it was just to slow so he gave up.
Goooooooo Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 19, 2006
Ibarro, Ecuador
6:54 P.M. EST
Day 19 - Dave is leaving Ibarra, Ecuador. He is trying to make the BMW dealership in Quito before dark this evening.
His spirits are good, and you can hear the smile in his voice.
0 D 21' 29" N, 78D 07' 22" W
He should be crossing the equator before he reaches Quito.
As a point of reference, he left Prudhoe Bay on September 1, where the LAT was 70 D North of the Equator. His final destination, Ushuaia, Argentina, is at 54 D South of the equator.
34 for 40 ... Montate!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 19, 2006
2:40 P.M. EST
Day 19 - Dave just called. He's crossed into Ecuador without any issues. Quito is his destination for today. He thinks he's done abouit 200 miles so far.
[-Thanks Tony!]

September 19, 2006
Ramalino, Colombia
9:50 A.M. EST
Day 19 - Dave just called and he is in Ramalino, Colombia after spending the night in Popayan, Colombia. He is almost at the equator and expects to be at the border to Ecuador in the next couple of hours.
He sounded really well rested and upbeat.
At this point he is a full three days ahead of the current record holders! They did not enter Ecuador until their 22nd day!

September 18, 2006
Popayan, Colombia
8:10 P.M. EST
Day 18 - Dave just called to fill us in on his day. The bottom line he is in Popayan, Colombia at a very nice hotel and he is going to bed early to get a good night rest. The importance of this is he is exactly 2 full days ahead of the record holders. They also spent a night in Popayan. [NOTE: They spent the night of their 20th day!]
Dave only got about 300 miles in, but under the circumstances he did a great job. He had a 30 mile stretch of road that was nothing but potholes, some as big as bathtubs. The road took him through a mountain pass at about 10,600 feet with a lot of rain and it was freezing cold. When he got to the bottom it was just beautiful and nice.
He hooked up with some riders as planned. While they were having lunch one of his new riding buddies noticed something funny about Daveís front rim. Apparently Dave hit one of those potholes harder than he had thought. The rim looked like it had been destroyed and he could not believe how well the bike had ridden under the conditions. One of the riders really wanted Dave to get the rim fixed. The rider called ahead to meet a guy to fix the rim.
Dave said this is where the dayís real story begins. The guy that fixed the rim was about 24 years old and his sidekick helper was about 17. All they had to work with was a few 2 by 4 boards, a couple 4 by 4ís, a 2 foot section of a steel railroad track and 2, 5 lb. sledge hammers. With these as tools they completely fixed the rim. Dave said the guy was truly an artist. Then he used a make shift alignment tool to confirm the rim would turn in a perfect circle. Dave, said we all would have first laughed and then stood there with our mouths open in awe as we watched those guys fix his rim. As he watched, 10 other guys stood next to him also watching with amazement.
His goal is to get to Quito, Ecuador tomorrow.
All I can say is, someone is looking over Daveís shoulder and giving him the good luck he needs. I guess some of you did go to church yesterday and did some good work yourself.
I told Dave he is a full 2 days ahead, so donít take any chances and to get his rest.
Everyone needs to keep those positive thoughts going.
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 18, 2006
Popayan, Colombia
7:42 P.M. EST
Day 18 - Dave just called a few minutes ago. He is in Popayan, where some of the new "Amigos de 34 para 40" are helping him with a minor issue with his front tire. He is in a "nice hotel", I assume no roaches are looking to shower with him.
His location is 2 degrees, 26' 13" N, 76 degrees, 37' 07".
34 for 40... Montate!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 18, 2006
Tulua, Colombia
11:42 A.M. CST
Day 18 - I just heard from Dave and he is moving through Tulua, Colombia. He said that yesterday was a really long ride.
He is about 10 miles away from meeting up with the Colombian rider who is going to lead him around Cali, Colombia. So thanks once again to all of the great folks out there who are getting on board!

September 18, 2006
Armenia, Colombia
10:15 A.M. CST
Day 18 - 34 for 40 keeps on rolling.
Dave is now leaving the town of Armenia, in the central mountain range of Colombia.
He will be meeting up with a Colombian rider in the next 90 minutes or so, to be guided around Cali.
4 degrees, 41' 48" N
75 degrees, 45' 41" W
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 17, 2006
Honda, Colombia
10:25 P.M. EDT
Day 17 - Dave made it back to Honda on his way back from La Rayita.
We have been in contact a few times throughout the day, and he is in good spirits, just tired.
I have been trying to hook up with some of the Colombian riders, and have lined up someone to help him ride around Cali tomorrow, which should save him about an hour, as well as preventing potential wrong turns in the city.
The toughest logistical aspect of the endeavor is behind him now, having made up the time and distance that shipping the bike caused him to take on.
Onwards through Colombia, and hopefully towards Ecuador early on Tuesday morning.
34 for 40 - Montate!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 17, 2006
La Rayita, Colombia
2:30 P.M. EDT
Day 17 - Dave just called - having turned back south from the northern most part of his trip in South America. He drove north for over 300 mile from Bogota to La Rayita, and has now reversed his direction - "towards the penguins" at the southern tip of Argentina. [-Thanks Dan!]
Dave has ridden north in Columbia to be north of where his flight departed from. He's on the side of the road trying to take a picture of the GPS screen so he can prove he's gone north far enough. He says all is well. [-Thanks Tony!]

September 17, 2006
La Dorada, Colombia
10:30 P.M. PST (1:30 A.M. EST)
Day 16 (end of day) - David called at 10:30 pm PST [September 16]. He was excited to tell us this tale and of course it ended with - "some one must be watching out for me."
Dave said, "I was breaking a rule. Iím driving in the dark and I get a flat tire. I pull into a little place. They are all over Central America. There are a couple of tables and chairs under a porch. They sell beers and cokes. In about 10 minutes a guy motions me to 'move my bike.' What is going on that I need to move my bike? But I do. I move the bike 40 feet and find myself in front of a 24 hour tire repair shop sign. It is smaller than my garage. There is a guy sleeping on a mattress and I go in. I speak no Spanish, he speaks no English. I get the idea that he wants nothing to do with my motorcycle. I stay. He appears to be about 35. His son comes into the room and he looks to be about 14. I hand him some money and tell him to go buy 3 Cokes. The father is now standing looking at me. He is in pants, no shirt. I take off my jacket and remove my shirt. We are now communicating. He is now all over my bike, fixing the flat and everything is good. He didnít want any money for the repairs. I insisted and chalked it up to a great experience. I said my good byes."
Dave is in a hotel. His bike is inside for security reasons. The town is La Dorada just north of Honda.
He is calling his daughter as I write this.
Janice, Daveís sister.
[-Thanks Janice!]

September 16, 2006
(North of) Honda, Colombia
7:00 P.M. PST (10:00 P.M. EST)
Day 16 - I bet I called Dave 30 times today with no luck until 6:20pm. Finally I hear this garbled static voice, ďThis is DaveĒ. The connection was so bad, I could only understand he was in a town called Honda, in the mountains of Colombia, and he did not want to stop for about another hour and he would call back.
To his word he called back at 7:00pm PST. He is going north and is about 300 miles from where he will turn around and start south again. His bike is riding a little sloppy and his back breaks are not working very well at all. He said this is not a severe problem because he can get by, by using his front breaks almost all the time.
Tomorrow will be a long hard day as he is trying to get to Ecuador by Monday night or Tuesday morning at the latest. His plan is to have his brakes fixed when he gets to Ecuador. If he can do this, he will be about 2 days ahead of the current record holders who did not leave Colombia until their 21st day.
He said he is in good spirits and will try to call me back later tonight.
Dave is kicking ass now. If you go to church tomorrow say a couple prayers for him and donít forget to light those candles. I will stay home and keep thinking about him and calling him.
Go Dave!!!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Bob!]

September 16, 2006
Bogota, Colombia
5:09 P.M. CST (6:09 P.M. EST)
Day 16 - Dave and the bike are now in Bogota, Colombia.
The Darien Gap has been crossed!
With the help of German Restrapo, a local supporter and rider, Dave retrieved the bike from customs early this afternoon. German took Dave back and forth between the shipping company (not a sponsor) and customs, and afterwards, took him to Autogermana S.A., the local BMW dealership.
The great folks at Autogermana S.A. were kind enough to open up their shop outside of regular business hours to get Dave's tires changed. Thank you Edgar and Francisco!
Dave's goal is to make it to Honda (the city in Colombia, not the brand) on his BMW this evening before dark. From there, the incredible team of supporters and riders in Colombia suggested a run on much better roads to Curumani, instead of tackling the hills en route to Medellin and Sincelejo.
34 for 40... Montate!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 15, 2006
Panama City, Panama
12:11 P.M. CST (1:11 P.M. EST)
Day 15 - Just a quick update to all - David is in Panama City, Panama, and sounds to be in excellent spirits. He is getting the bike serviced for routine maintenance, and getting it prepped for shipping tonight to Bogota, Colombia with Girag.
Once in Bogota, after clearing customs and immigration, sometime tomorrow morning, Dave will have to ride north to Sincelejo, Sucre, in Colombia to be at a point north of where he last rides the bike in Panama. This ride will add roughly 700 miles to what was previously planned, but it is still far shorter than the previous world record holders, who flew all the way to Caracas, and had to back-track from there.
With the help of the Colombian embassy, we hope that the customs and immigration process will be smooth, so that Dave can continue pursuing the goal.
34 for 40 ... Stay on board!
[-Thanks Dan!]

September 14, 2006
Costa Rica/Panama
10:22 A.M. CST (11:22 A.M. EST)
Day 14 (continued) - I just spoke to Dave and he is at the border into Panama. He is not sure if he is going to make his shipping deadline for today. But if he doesn't then this may be the side of the shipping that he gets his maintenance done on. So either way we are still looking good!

September 14, 2006
Costa Rica
8:00 A.M. CST (9:00 A.M. EST)
Day 13/14 - Dave spent the night in San Isidro de el General in Costa Rica. That is about 3/4 of the way through Costa Rica. A side benefit of the 34 for 40 effort is that we should all be getting better at our Central American geography!
Dave is on the road and blowing through the streets as he heads for the border into Panama. He ays the roads are looking good; and he expects to make it by about 9:30 A.M. CST.

September 13, 2006
Managua, Nicaragua
7:12 P.M. CST (8:12 P.M. EST)
Day 13 - I just got a call from Dave. After the delays (10hrs +) of the day which included getting a new battery, and a kickstand kill switch problem he is once again on the move. He is about to cross into Costa Rica from Nicaragua. He is destined for Panama, and he believes he will make that in time for his service and flight. Google Maps straight line distance is about 350 miles to Panama City. His phone problems continue, and right now can't take calls when he's underway. Keep trying him, but as many of us have found, it's difficult to get through to him.
He remains in high spirits, and sounds good.
[-Thanks Tony]
Just talked to Dave, he is at he Nicaraguan / Costa Rican border filing some paperwork in order to cross into Costa Rica.
He's very upbeat and looking forward to reaching Panama City tomorrow. He received a new battery in Managua, Nicaragua. The bike is running great - but will need new tires in Panama. He's anxious to get some maintenance work done there before catching a 2PM plane flight to Medellin, Columbia. Making that flight is critical. If he misses it, he'll have to fly further south toBogata - costing precious time.
Please keep trying to call. He really appreciates the encouragement!
[-Thanks Dan]

September 13, 2006
Managua, Nicaragua
10:50 A.M. CST (11:50 A.M. EST)
Day 13 - Dave just checked in and he is 20 miles north of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. So he is through Honduras and half way through Nicaragua.
Unfortunately, he knows exactly where he is because his bike isn't running. He jump started it but it wouldn't keep going. Sounds like the battery, alternator or some other part of his electrical system is having problems. The good news is that there is a BMW dealer in Managua. Hopefully this will be a quick fix and everything will still be on track.
If you have tried talking to Dave on the satellite phone right now you won't get any wind noise....

September 12, 2006
SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM: National Commission for Tourism, Guatemala
This is Carlos Barrio from the National Commission for Tourism. I hope you guys are able to upload these videos. They are supported by the 3GP codec by Motorola. The quality is not the best available, but you know ;)
It was nice meeting you Dave and I hope you reach your Goal!!!
Greetings from The National Tourist Assitance Program ASISTUR GUATEMALA.
P.S. I'll be sending you the pictures a.s.a.p.
[-Thanks Carlos! Wow! Police escort, video services, ... If you've ever considered traveling to Central America Guatemala is looking pretty good right now! Just go to our videos page to play these videos of Dave and his friends! When prompted to select a player choose Quicktime.]

September 12, 2006 (from Eric and Bob)
El Salvador/Honduras
4:10 P.M. CST (5:10 P.M. EST)
Day 12 (continued) - Dave is at the border of El Salvador and Honduras getting his papers taken care of so he can get moving on down the road. He was in hurry and wait mode while everyone ran around trying to get his papers in order so he can get on the road. [-Thanks Eric!]
He plans to be in Panama City Thursday night and fly to Medellin, Colombia Friday morning. He will have to ride north for about 100 miles to be at the same latitude as he was when he finished in Panama. Friday morning will be starting the 15th day of his ride so if all the paperwork and flights go as planned he could be well into Colombia by the end of his 15th day.
This is awesome because the people that hold the record did not arrive in Colombia until their 18th day.
He said the roads have been really good, much much better than he had expected. He said Reagan must have had them built.
Go Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [-Thanks Bob!]

September 12, 2006
San Salvador, El Salvador
11:15 A.M. CST (12:15 P.M. EST)
Day 12 (continued) - Just a quick update to let everyone know Dave is in San Salvador now. So he has made it about a third of the way through the country of El Salvador.

September 12, 2006
El Salvador
9:25 A.M. CST (10:25 A.M. EST)
Day 12 - I just spoke with Dave and he has just crossed in to El Salvador. He also just hit the 7,000 mile mark on his odometer. Once he gets through El Salvador he'll have a small portion of Honduras to cross through and then he'll be in Nicauragua. After that only Costa Rica is between him and Panama, and the North American portion of this journey will be done!
Guatemala ... I think Guatemala is now one of Dave's favorite countries in the world! The authorities were indeed waiting for him at the border. And with lights flashing and sirens blaring Dave received a full police escort though the entire country of Guatemala! Wow! What a phenomenal difference from the experiences of the previous record holders. A really big thank you to all of the people who helped to make that happen!
Oh, and Dave did get to enjoy a little bit of time in the country. He spent last night in the city of Guatemala.I don't know what time he got in, but he left a message for some of his hockey buddies in Atlanta around midnight! [-Thanks Danny!]

September 12, 2006
6:50 A.M. CST (7:50 A.M. EST)
Dave is in Guatemala and has a police escort. Yes, I said police escort. The first thing he asked was if I could hear the sirens, I couldnít, he then told me about the escort they are providing and have been since he arrived there. It sounded like he was making good time. I was trying to find out where in Guatemala he was but the reception went bad and I lost contact. Dave sounded in very good spirits but was disappointed to hear about the Blue Dragon loss last night.
[-Thanks Shon!]

September 11, 2006
Chiapas, Mexico
10:45 A.M. CST (11:45 A.M. EST)
Dave is 200km [125 miles] from Guatemala. He has again been in touch with the Guatemala authorities and they are waiting for him. This is good news because the team that holds the current record spent a day and 1/2 getting through customs.
Go Dave!!!!!!!!!!!
[-Thanks Tony! This is indeed a great chance for Dave to make up lost time! The previous record holders encountered delays entering, traveling through, and exiting Guatemala. So a special thank you to all the folks in Guatemala who are assisting with the effort! Dave could be back on top in no time!]

September 11, 2006
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico
9:30 A.M. CST (10:30 A.M. EST)
I spoke with Dave this morning. He is in Tuxtla Gutiérrez after spending the night in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico. He has a pretty good road straight down to Guatemala and expects to be there around 1:00 P.M. CST.
I believe there was a group planning to meet him in Guatemala, so if you are reading this now you know when to be looking for him.
He hopes to be in Costa Rico by tomorrow, and once he reaches Panama then he is pretty much done with one continent in this journey. Wow!

September 10, 2006
Near Minatitlan, Mexico
3:10 P.M. PST (6:10 P.M. EST)
He and his bike are doing great. He is about 60 miles northwest of Minatitlan, Mexico. This is a city on the coast at the very bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. He said the country side in this part of Mexico is really beautiful, much different than what he passed through the last couple of days. His goal is to go about 60 miles south of Minatitlan and rest for the night.
He is in really good spirits, I know because he said so.
[Thanks for the update Bob!]

September 10, 2006
Near Mexico City, Mexico
9:00 A.M. PST (12:00 P.M. EST)
Dave solved his overheating problem by removing the screen covering his cooling fan. He had put the screen on earlier in the ride to protect his fan from rocks. Knock on wood, his bike is running really good right now.
He said the roads in Mexico are surprisingly good. They are mostly toll roads that are very similar to our interstates.
He thinks he has solved his communication problems. He made some adjustments (not sure what) that solved the static problems. He now sounds good on the phone. He also fixed the speaker and mic problems in his helmet so he can again take calls while he rides.
Dave is in touch with the embassy in Guatemala and excited that they are going to meet him at the boarder and guide him through the country. This is the kind of support that will help him catch up and beat the record.
He sounded good this morning, maybe the best since starting the trip.
Giveím hell Dave.
[Thanks for the update Bob!]

September 10, 2006
Near Mexico City, Mexico
9:00 A.M. PST (12:00 P.M. EST)
Just talked to Dave he was about an hour outside of Mexico City. Spirits were good. He's settling in for the ride alone and would appreciate hearing that your with him in spirit.
[Thanks for the update Patrick!]

September 9, 2006
Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico
1:45 P.M. CST (3:45 P.M. EST)
Day 9 (continued) - Another posting from Friends of 34 for 40:
Dave is doing good and moving south along highway 45. He should be meeting up with the riders from Mexico in the next hour or two. He got stuck in some traffic in Aguascalientes, which gave him something to do. Spirits (and butt) are both doing well.

September 9, 2006
Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico
11:15 A.M. EST
Day 9 (continued) - This posting comes from of the Friends of 34 for 40 who spoke to Dave be satellite phone:
I just talked to Dave at 8:15am PST. He had just pulled over to eat a Power Bar [not a sponsor]. There was a lot of static on our satellite connection so it was a little hard carrying on a conversation. He said he had a good nights rest and will be meeting up with a rider in about an hour and that others will join in on the ride to Mexico City. He said he is making good time right now and has been for the last day or so. His bike is fine except it starts to over heat when he goes fast. I told him maybe that was a sign not to go so fast.
He said he is feeling good physically and mentally, just worried because he is about 2 days behind schedule. I tried to give him encouragement by telling him he is less than a third of the way through, time wise, so he has plenty of time to make up ground. I encourage others to give him positive input when talking with him.
I asked him if he was able to communicate with the people in Mexico. He laughed and said most of them know a little English and that it was fun. He was in a city called Zacatecas (not 100% sure because of the static).
Good luck to Dave.

September 8, 2006
12:30 P.M. EST
Day 8 - Dave has reported in and after a nap waiting for the Mexican offices to open he has obtained all of the required paper work for the journey through Mexico. In addition, he has been in contact with Guatemala, and they are expecting his arrival. It sounds like he is getting very personalized service from these countries.
One of Dave's States side Spanish speaking buddies reported this morning that he is working with the airlines in Colombia coordinating the flight and bike shipping.
Dave has also been in contact with the group of Mexican riders that were to join the Team. They will be meeting him tomorrow.
That's all for now!

September 2, 2006
Alaska, United States
7:24 AM EST (Preparing to Start Day 2)
Quick update from the Gerulski home on the team's progress:
Thursday: Dave's beloved, jam-packed, 60 gig i-Pod has a melt down when plugged into the motorcycle. We make a late night trip to the Apple store, purchase another, and begin to download tunes for over-night delivery. Dog knocks out power cord sometime during the night and process begins again. Perhaps Dave will be doing a lot of meditation on this trip.
Friday: We spoke to him at 8 PM EST, they were stuck in the mud, their visors were covered in dirt encrusted ice, and they still had 700 miles to go. He sounded very happy.

September 1, 2006
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, USA
3:09 AM AKDT (7:09 A.M. EST)
This is it! The team has all checked in and everything checks out! We are less than an hour away from the start of the ride (4:00 A.M. AKDT, Friday). The weather today is cloudy but no rain is expected. We are expecting a high today of 37 degrees. Perfect weather for a motorcycle ride, especially if you came here from Hotlanta.
We've also added two new sections to the web site: Track the Team and Photo Gallery. The tracking section will allow you to follow our path each day using Google Earth and see what weather conditions we're facing; and, we'll be uploading photos to the gallery so you can see how the ride is going. We've already uploaded a few shots from here in Prudhoe Bay, including the first shot of the team all together in one place! So be sure to click on the links to the right each day to keep up with the ride. We're glad you're on board!

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