34 for 40
Trans Americas Mortorcycle World Record Attempt
Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina in 34 Days
34 Days
17,000 Miles
500+ Miles / Day
13 Countries
16 Borders
2 Motorcycles
2 Riders

Breaking the Trans Americas motorcycle world record in less than 35 days is more than just an assault on ones endurance it is also a challenge of logistics.
Covering over 17,000 miles, crossing 16 borders, and traversing 13 countries – makes it both a rigorous and ambitious feat. Much of the terrain will be unpaved and unkempt roads – quite different from the pleasurable ride to Daytona Beach. The weather will be extreme and unpredictable, putting the riders through rain, snow and high winds. Temperatures range from freezing at the start, finish and across the Andes to triple digits in the deserts of Nevada and Chile. 500 miles a day must be averaged every day for 34 continuous days to break the world record. Any time lost in border crossings, repairs, shipping or other down time will result in additional “recovery miles” traveled in subsequent days.
One major caveat is that the motorcycles and riders must detour the Darien Gap, a rugged roadless jungle between Panama and Columbia. To do this, the motorcycles must be shipped from Panama to Columbia. Once in Panama, the bikes will be crated and then shipped by air to a point on the South American continent north of the point of departure. Upon arrival, the motorcycles are uncrated and readied for customs approval. After passing customs the riders will continue the trip south.
Due to the roughness of terrain the trip will be made on specially equipped BMW R 1200 GS off-road motorcycles provided by BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta.
Each rider’s helmet will be equipped with Baehr USA communication systems allowing riders to communicate with each other via radio, and to the world, via cell and satellite phone. The motorcycles will be outfitted with military grade audio/video production equipment, recording the events of the entire trip. Handheld cameras will also record the daily challenges experienced by the riders. Local motorcyclists are invited to join the ride throughout their country. Beyond this collaboration, the riders will make the trip without accompanying support.
If you are interested in meeting the riders in your area and riding along, contact the 34 for 40 Team at